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Milkcap Mazes January 17, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Milkcap Mazes

“Twenty-five educational maze games for kids!” boasts the packaging for Milkcap Mazes (Virtual Entertainment – ages 5-11). Well, actually it’s ten games, each with multiple skill levels – but we don’t mean to be picky. By the same token, we believe “backwards” is not spelled “backwords” – as in, “Count by 1 backwards,” which the program invites you to do at one point. The ten maze games vary from straight mazes to word and number games disguised as mazes (rather than choosing a direction, upon reaching an intersection, you choose the word that completes a simple sentence). At the end of each game, a claymation character (“Cool Kap”) pulls off part of his play-doh face, sticks it in his mouth, and then pulls it out of his ear. Enough said.

– August 1996


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