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Net Explorations January 16, 2009

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Net Explorations with Web Workshop

Sunburst Communications has incorporated Web Workshop (which is available, by itself, through Vividus Corp.) into two products, Net Explorations with Web Workshop and the literally-titled Sunburst?s School Version of Web Workshop (ages 10 & up). Both versions (featuring different graphics than the Vividus program) enable you to create your own personal web pages. Intuitive icons let you choose backgrounds, dividers, pictures, and text; everything can also be customized ? meaning you can add your own pictures and audio, without any trouble. The programs provide icons that link to kid-friendly sites like Yahooligans! and the Kids Club. Once you?ve created a web site, Sunburst will host it for 30 days for free; after that there?s a small fee to maintain it. You can also choose to upload the site to your own ISP. The School Version includes supplementary teacher guides, Netscape Navigator 2.0, Earthlink, and Surfwatch. BothSunburstversions of Web Workshop are so simple and easy to use that kids and teachers alike will be web savvy in no time.

-January 1997



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