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Conquest of the New World January 15, 2009

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Conquest of the New World

Conquest of the New World (Interplay Productions) is a simulation that ambles along at a pace which could be called, kindly, sedentary. Choose a European country and set sail for the New World or, if you prefer, play the Native Americans who are defending their space. Once you hit the shores of America, you’ll spend quite a bit of time plodding around in the name of exploration. The basic elements of the game are familiar from classic strategy board games likes Stratego and Risk. You control a few symbolic pieces that represent larger divisions of men, each trained with his own specialty (explorer, settler, and so on). The board games move a lot faster, though. Conquest has graphics that are remarkably similar to those of the Ultima series from 15 years ago, although here the viewing plane has been skewed to give the effect of three-dimensionality. Although we’re sure the hardships of playing this game don’t begin to compare to the hardships faced by American settlers (or, for that matter, by the Native Americans as they were being exterminated), the game moves so lethargically that we’d almost rather face plague, starvation, and mutiny than wait for each interminable turn to play itself out. The agony begins before you even start playing: you’d think that, in this era of Windows software, a game that can only be run by exiting to DOS might bother mentioning that fact somewhere on the packaging. Bold letters, please. Two final comments: the music is excellent, and the concept is morally appalling.

– September 1996

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