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Early Learning Center CD January 14, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Early Learning Center CD

Five seems to be the key number in educational program because that’s how many activity areas you’ll find in Early Learning Center CD (New Media Schoolhouse – ages 4-9). If you need help with letter recognition, Pink Pete’s Talking ABC’s is for you. But then you’re not nearly advanced enough for Talking Vocabulary Builder, Talking USA Map, or Using Money and Making Change. Talking is a misnomer here; there’s very little talking, and lots of written instructions and questions. In fact, there’s not much in the way of sound at all, and no animation. The Talking Map should go back to school. If you choose Baton Rouge as your answer to “What is the capital of Louisiana?”, you’re wrong. Ask for the correct answer and you’re told “Baton Rouge”. You’ll also find out that Jackson is the capital of Kentucky and Denver is not the capital of Colorado. Huh? In the money section, a written question asks you to use $20 to purchase a number of items to make cookies. Click on an item to find out the price, then subtract it from the $20. Continue to do this until you have all the ingredients you need. The rub is that there’s no on-screen calculator or any way to keyboard in your subtraction. You’ll need to do it in your head, so why bother with the computer at all? Sitting in class is far more interesting that attending this Early Learning Center.

– August 1995


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