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Repacking Your Bags January 13, 2009

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Personal Management Tools

Repacking Your Bags

At the opposite extreme we find Repacking Your Bags (Wilson Learning), a paean to the brand of philosophy practiced on California bumper stickers. This extended book advertisement, which poses as a personal growth learning program, provides talking heads in front of a soothing campfire discussing dilemmas such as career, place, and purpose. Dick Leider, the book’s co-author, ‘ponders life’s most compelling questions’ in an anecdotal, phony self-deprecatory manner. He alludes to the wisdom of the Masai versus the stupidity of Westerners, and then proves his point with his pointed inattention to proper English. Following storytime comes a simple tree-and-branch progression inviting you to analyze your own particular problem, then ‘repack your bags’ by writing down your strength, goals, etc.

– October 1995


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