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Family Tree Maker: Deluxe Edition January 13, 2009

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Family Tree Maker: Deluxe Edition

Family Tree Maker: Deluxe Edition (Banner Blue Software) belongs with the hits. Not everyone is interested in constructing a family tree but, if you are, this is a terrific program. If you’re not interested in genealogy, it’s works just as well for keeping records and an electronic scrapbook on your immediate family. The Windows-based interface is easy to understand, the toolbar icons are well labeled, and the program runs quickly and efficiently. As you enter information, the program creates a new file for each member of your family tree. You can insert pictures, videos, audio, and other objects into the scrapbook pages – the program supports both OLE and Kodak Photo CDs. This is great! If you have a large family, Family Tree Maker allows space for up to two million names. You can also use the printing options to create calendars of birthdays and anniversaries, mailing labels, cards, etc. If you are interested in your family’s genealogy, the Family Finder section has a database of more than one million names and tells you where and how to find additional information on a particular person. This program doesn’t lack for anything. If you have any interest in this area, you’ll be delighted to own Family Tree Maker.

– April 1995, How-To Guides



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