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Look What I See January 12, 2009

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Look What I See

While there’s no shortage of multimedia drawing and painting programs for children, there aren’t many that teach visual skills. Look What I See (Bannister Productions – ages 4-10), based on Muriel Silberstein-Storfer’s Parent-Child Workshops at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, combines lessons, activities, and short videos to introduce kids (and their parents) to a basic visual vocabulary. Start with the Parent/Teacher Reference section to get a sense of Silberstein-Storfer’s philosophy – she’s been teaching art for over 25 years. Then watch her in action on video in the How to Paint Room. Visit the Color Room, Shape Room, and Mood Room for three activities and three slide shows which draw on works from the Metropolitan’s collection. Activities range from simple observations like counting the different tones of green in a Van Gogh painting to more challenging experiments such as comparing two different works. The graphics are basic enough so that even kids who can’t read will be able to participate. As an introduction to art appreciation, Look What I See is an effective resource.

– November 1996



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