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JumpStart Kindergarten January 11, 2009

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Kid’s Education

JumpStart Kindergarten

You get more than just the ABC’s in JumpStart Kindergarten (Knowledge Adventure – ages 4-6). This virtual schoolhouse is a warm friendly place, where your teacher is a rabbit, and all the other kids never talk and so never make fun of you. The 11 activities are fairly faithful to those found in an actual kindergarten, so getting comfortable with them now could make the first day of school less intimidating. Start outside the schoolhouse, and click on gardens to watch them bloom or on tire swings to watch squirrels run around. You’ll find all the obligatory kid-pleasing tricks here. Inside the school, you can help find the hamster by listening to a letter clue describing the object he’s hiding behind. Or construct sentences using pictures, then have them read back to you. There are nesting Russian dolls to put in order, songs to listen to, help in telling time – everything you can expect to find in a real classroom. There is even a function, The Progress Report, that indicates in which area a child is having difficulty – sort of a virtual report card. While there’s enough going on to keep kids busy, the real value of this CD-ROM may be that it provides a “jump start” in a social context as much as in an educational one.

– August 1995


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