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Martian Chronicles, The January 10, 2009

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Adventure & Mystery

The Martian Chronicles

Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles constitute some of the most poetic prose, not to mention the most profound sci-fi, ever produced by any writer; the task of interpreting them for CD-ROM with even a fraction of the original lyricism intact would be daunting for anyone.Byron Preiss Multimedia has shown itself not only incapable of meeting the challenge, but incapable of making an appropriate effort. The Martian Chronicles CD-ROM is a decent adventure game, with 3D graphics and puzzles to be solved along the way (hooray – our favorite). Any resemblance to the Chronicles, however, is fleeting. The locale is right, and you’ll meet a couple of recognizable characters along the way, but the point of the stories has been missed completely. Even more important than the point is the tone of the stories, which could have been hinted at, if not actually achieved, in any number of ways – if only they’d tried. Instead of incisive sketches of American life that use allegory to reveal the dark and violent underside lurking around the corner, this CD-ROM offers mathematical challenges and typical adventure-game fare. The graphics are nice and polished, so it’s not the appearance of the disc that’s cheap. That honor is reserved for the emotional component.

– February 1996


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