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Voyage in Egypt January 8, 2009

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Voyage In Egypt

Falling somewhere between art and travel are two titles from Scala/EMME: Voyage In Egypt and Voyage Through Italy. These are well-designed discs, easy to navigate, and filled with multiple layers of information. By combining beautiful slides and videos, appropriate music, and adequate text, art lovers and scholars can plan their itinerary and get a preview of what they’ll see when they get there. Both discs include a timeline, map, index, and special sections on art and architecture, history, and culture. While these are not scholarly reference works – the text is too light and there’s no attribution or bibliography – they are definitely worth a look. Think of them as a multimedia coffee table book. A caveat: you need to change “setup.exe” to “install.exe” on the Egypt disc. During installation on the Italy disc, a line will be added to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file which you will need to remove later.

– March 1995



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