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Microsoft Automap Streets January 8, 2009

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Atlas & Geography

Microsoft Automap Streets

When used in conjunction, Microsoft Automap Streets and Microsoft Automap Road Atlas (Microsoft Corp.) become an extremely powerful resource that does one thing, and does it very well. That thing, of course, is planning trips (imaginative types can also use the discs to take digital tours of the country, but a paper road atlas can be used to the same effect). Enter two locations, fill in some details about the speed you like to travel and the hours per day you want to drive, and then wait a fraction of a second as the program calculates your trip for you. Although the resulting data can be overly precise – the discs recommend an exact time and place to do your refueling – there’s no denying that it’s basically sound. Streets has maps of nearly every street in the contiguous 48 states and Hawaii. Zoom in and in and in yet again, and be pleasantly surprised by the niggling details; the creators of this program are surely type-A. Road Atlas is more focused towards the big picture and Interstates, including Canada and northern Mexico. There’s a wealth of options and details, like printing, search functions, and distance measuring, to name just a few, and it’s all presented through the patented Microsoft Windows interface, so you can jump right in without confusion.

– June 1996


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