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Merriam Webster’s Word Crazy January 7, 2009

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Games – Casino & Brain

Merriam Webster’s Word Crazy

Scrabbleaficionados, along with William Safire types and crossword puzzle addicts, are likely candidates for Merriam Webster’s Word Crazy (Merriam Webster). Too bad it isn’t much fun. Designed as a tournament, Word Crazy serves up limited content. You and your opponents, four “Word Nerds,” compete round by round. You can choose one of four very basic games: Chain Reaction, Word Warp, Missing Link, and Letter Ball. Basically, in each game you try to beat the clock by de-scrambling puzzles or piecing together words following various clues. Subjects range from the banal to the obscure, and sometimes both (e.g., “Salesperson Lingo.”) There is also an option for individual play (no clock, no Word Nerds), but that definitely rules out the “sizzling Word Crazy action” promised by the packaging.

– December 1996



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