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Exploring The Lost Maya January 7, 2009

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History & Mythology

Exploring The Lost Maya

Sumeria continues their series of ancient civilizations titles with Exploring The Lost Maya. The Maya and their works are examined through photographs, pictures, some text, and a lot of maps. Explore a timeline running from 2000 BC to the arrival of the Spanish around AD 1500. Watch filmstrips about 19th century explorers who braved the elements and civil war to investigate Mayan ruins, or immerse yourself in maps – countless maps – when you’re not swooning at photos and engravings of Mayan art. As you move your pointer around any map screen, slides pop up to illustrate each different locale; click again to access available text, magnified pictures, and, of course, more maps. An atmospheric soundtrack and smooth technical performance add to the Lost Maya experience, but a lack of really in-depth information detracts comparably. The program would benefit from more context – historical, geographical, and cultural – and greater amounts of scholarly text, in case you feel like hunkering down to do some further research. Instead, you’ll become an expert on a very specific part of the world, but you’ll have no idea what was happening just beyond the borders of the computer screen (which covers a well-defined chunk of Mexico and Central America). Although there could stand to be more on this disc, what is here reflects intelligence and care. Exploring The Lost Maya is a respectable treatment of a fascinating subject.

– June 1996


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