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Ohio Players: Ol’ School January 6, 2009

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Ohio Players: Ol’ School

The Ohio Players deserve a better CD-ROM than Ohio Players: Ol’ School (Intersound), an adequate but less-than-thrilling enhanced CD that comes across, on a PC, as a lot of garbled music and images. Stick the disc in your audio CD and you’ve got an older but not much mellower than ever Ohio Players, from a live concert in 1995. The show is both energetic and undeniably funky, and is beyond question the best way to enjoy this disc. The multimedia, when Ol’ School is in your CD-ROM drive, consists of some video interviews with the band, pictures, interviews with fans, a few seconds of backstage videotape, and a lot of songs that stop and start as you navigate around the program – an extremely irritating combination. It’s not just a question of a bad interface, either. We would rather have avoided some of the content here, like the old fans who cite the 1995 concert as a time to “reminisce” (precisely what every aging band dreads), and the band itself slamming rap and hip-hop in a tone that skirts dangerously close to jealousy. A full-blown CD-ROM or a conventional album would both be better ways to present this influential band.

-May 1996


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