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Math Blaster Jr. January 6, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Math Blaster Jr.

Math Blaster Jr. (Davidson & Associates, ages 4-7) places your child aboard a spacecraft the “Blastership,” introduces him to the “Blasternauts,” and assigns him the role of “Blasterpal.” The actual blasting, of course, all involves math – there are four planets which need to be explored, as well as some always-available activities in the Blastership’s cabin. The Grow Worms teach addition and subtraction by adding or subtracting segments of their own bodies; the Number Line does the same thing, but without a gimmick; the Constellations teach number sequences with connect-the-dots puzzles; the Shape Circus uses stories and jokes to bring shapes to life. The planets part of the program is more in-depth, offering longer challenges that range from counting to estimation to arithmetic to maze-building. Although the activities are fairly well-executed, the disc sometimes forgets its target audience. Planet activities can go on for quite awhile – little kids might enjoy repetition, but they’re not known for their great reserves of patience. There are also occasional incongruities of tone, such as the pun “Jewel” instead of “you will”, which was incomprehensible to our younger testers; it’s too bad the program used it over and over again.

– August 1996


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