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Billboard Music Guide January 5, 2009

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Music – Contemporary
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Billboard Music Guide

The Billboard Music Guide (Creative Multimedia), subtitled “80 Years of Music,” offers a searchable database of artists and albums, some audio clips, photos, and videos, and lots of substantial Billboard product like reviews and charts. Although the disc is limited in terms of entertainment value ? an hour will probably slake anybody?s appetite for browsing ? it is valuable as a reference tool, and the quality of the writing is high. It is also refreshingly current, reporting in depth on music all the way up to the present. Some of the reviews may be overly generous (were Guns N? Roses really the essence of rock ?n? roll?), but others are courageously honest (Prince is acknowledged as a musical genius, name change notwithstanding). There are 60,000 albums on the disc, representing 4,000 artists, and most include liner notes ? although liner notes, on this CD-ROM, are defined as song lists and participating musicians (no lyrics). A few thoughtful touches, like an automatic shopping list that can be printed out and taken to the store, balance a few sloppy oversights, like the frustrating “Expand Your Horizons” function, which plays audio clips at random. There is also an online function, some historical facts, articles and interviews, and over 8,000 album covers.

– January 1997



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