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You Don’t Know Jack! January 4, 2009

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Popular Culture

You Don’t Know Jack!

A virtual trivia game? Boring, you say? Obviously, You Don’t Know Jack! (Berkeley Systems). More akin to MTV on drugs than Trivial Pursuit, this trivia game is witty, fast, sarcastic, and lewd – not necessarily in that order. Choose a category, then answer the question – pretty basic, right? Not with these categories. Some of our favorites include “Deviant Barnyard Practices,” “Porn Stars and the AMA,” “Barbie: The Ultimate Role Model,” and “Biblical Names and Crappy Poetry.” And the questions? Under the “Barbie” category, for example, is the following: “If Barbie were a human, what would her measurements be?” Answer correctly (33D-18-23, or some similarly ridiculous number) and the commentator wryly observes, “And they say she isn’t realistic…” The disc is stuffed with background music, hilariously insulting commentary, sly sexual references (like the category called “Famous Richards”), and goofy sound effects. If not done well, a disc like this could come across as cheap and trashy – but this one contains so much wit and ribald malice that it goes over the top. Not for everyone, of course, and we did wonder what happens after the novelty wears off. But we were laughing so hard we didn’t really care.

– December 1995


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