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Toy Story CD-ROM Game January 4, 2009

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Toy Story CD-ROM Game

TheToy Story Interactive Storybook (Disney Interactive/Pixar) has been out for nearly half a year, and the movie just hit video stores. Time for Disney to gear up the market-saturation machine with two new discs, Toy Story CD-ROM Game (part of the Power Play series) and Toy Story Activity Center. Toy Story CD-ROM Game (ages 6-12) is an arcade style hand-eye coordination game, or, to be more precise, a collection of arcade style hand-eye coordination games. Run, jump, dodge, catch, swing, drive, whip, and on and on. Most games take place in a 2D scrolling environment (like the old Super Mario games), but the occasional diversion, like “Roller Bob” (a driving contest), flirts with 3D. The only thing that makes this disc any different from countless other PC games is the fact that the characters are recognizable. As Disney well knows, that’s really all it takes.

– December 1996



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