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Metro Navigator January 4, 2009

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Atlas & Geography

Metro Navigator

We looked a beta of Metro Navigator from Philips Media Software. This two-disc program covers eight cities, including LA, San Francisco, NY, Chicago, Boston, Orlando, Washington, and Atlanta (just in time for the Olympics). Not only can you find every street in town, you can enter several locations and get a detailed route for door-to door travel. You can also plug in the time of day you’ll be traveling for a time calculation – great for avoiding a rush hour nightmare, but can it predict water main breaks or street fairs? There’s lots of helpful information like locations for the nearest ATM, shopping center, or gas station. And you get the latest Frommer’s travel guide for each city, with hotel and restaurant profiles and reviews. This is a very handy little package, and it’s a snap to use.

– June 1996


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