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Ultimate Frank Lloyd Wright: American Architect, The January 3, 2009

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The Ultimate Frank Lloyd Wright: American Architect

Walking tours play a part in The Ultimate Frank Lloyd Wright: American Architect, but they work a lot better here than in Exploring Ancient Architecture: Walk Through Ancient Wonders. The tours constitute one of six options available for exploring Wright’s life and work, allowing you to gain a sense of the space, flow, and design of three major buildings – an experience far different from looking at a book or a slide. In the Modeling Wright section, you can design a house using the principles that Wright espoused, a good tool to bring home lessons learned from the content. In addition, a Timeline, Library, Wright’s Works, and Structural Elements can all be accessed from an elegant interface, based on the windows Wright designed for the Coonley Playhouse in 1912. The disc doesn’t always perform in the most efficient way however; in Timeline, when you jump to a description and then want to return, you are forced to go back to the main screen. This means covering a lot of ground twice and misses the point of hyperlinks. As to content, the material covered, while nicely packaged and well designed, is not comprehensive. Specifically, the section on Wright’s life should be much more detailed. But with the library section and the bibliography, students have a set of invaluable tools if they want to learn more. This program makes very good use of the medium, but it needs to go further if it’s really to be the “Ultimate.”

– March 1995



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