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Better Homes and Gardens: Cooking for Today January 3, 2009

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Better Homes and Gardens: Cooking for Today

Better Homes and Gardens: Cooking for Today (Multicom) is a new series straight out of the test kitchen of Better Homes and Gardens. The design and navigation is the same for all of the titles in the series, which includes Chicken, Pasta, Stir-Fries, and Vegetarian. The layout is a lot like a print cookbook, which makes finding your way around easy. Applications that have become common to electronic cookbooks – such as printable recipes, shopping lists, meal planners, and sections for storing your own recipes – are all here along with nutrition analysis, substitution and conversion charts. You can search for specific recipes, or if you’re looking for ideas, go chapter by chapter, checking out the alphabetical sections. There’s a photograph for each recipe and a handy Recipe Terms button – click on that to get a definition of a certain utensil or ingredient. Another nice feature is “What’s for Dinner?” which asks for information about ingredients and preparation time and then searches for recipes that fit your criteria. The instructional video section is great for showing tasks that could be daunting to the “culinary challenged.” For example: demonstrating the difference between beating egg whites with soft peaks and stiff peaks, or trimming artichokes. This program strikes a nice balance between feeling like a print cookbook while offering all the multimedia features that justify putting the books on CD-ROM.

– June 1996



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