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Dr. Scheuler’s Home Medical Advisor Pro January 2, 2009

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Health & Anatomy

Dr. Scheuler’s Home Medical Advisor Pro

Wow. Dr. Scheuler’s Home Medical Advisor Pro (Pixel Perfect), which claims it is “where medicine and technology meet,” offers an extraordinary amount of information and an extraordinary amount of ways to massage it. Databases of diseases, symptoms, injuries, poisons, medical tests, drugs, health, and diet can be accessed, intertwined, and parlayed. You can relate your own medical record to these databases, learn about interactions between drugs, hear how a disease is pronounced, see a photo of a part of the body or a video of a surgical procedure, search any and all databases, even get a quick diagnosis of your symptoms. The control panel to do this isn’t particularly pretty, but it functions well, and any Windows user will find the interface easily comprehensible. All this makes this title a very flexible and extremely useful reference tool. It’s also fun to browse through. As noted above, home diagnosis is an iffy thing. Enter a list of symptoms and you get some pretty frightening results. Hypochondriacs will be in heaven but, for the rest of us, this section should be approached with caution. That aside, this is a very thorough piece of work.

– June 1995


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