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Paint, Write and Play! December 30, 2008

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Creativity Tools

Paint, Write and Play!

Paint, Write and Play! (The Learning Company/Softkey Internationalbeta – ages 4-7) doesn’t have much going for it except a lot of pretty colors. This creativity tool invites a child to draw a picture, add some text, do a few more pages, and print it out. Not exactly groundbreaking. The features here are relatively lame compared to other, similar programs; the drawing tool is rudimentary, the “stickers” (to be pasted in your picture) are black-and-white, not to mention sloppily rendered; and the text window is always separate from the picture itself, which doesn’t leave much room for creativity. The only thing better than average, as mentioned above, is the spectrum of colors. Made-up shades (like cotton candy) complement a full array of traditional reds, blues, greens and yellows. A few pretty colors, however, are not enough reason to buy this program. In all fairness, we did see a beta – here’s hoping…

-July 1996


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