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Human Body, The December 30, 2008

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Health & Anatomy

The Human Body

Anatomy is the focus of The Human Body (E.M.M.E.), but it pales in comparison to the A.D.A.M. Software titles. The layer upon layer, peel-away feature of those programs adds such a vivid dimension to the subject that it’s hard to return to a more restrained reference work. Having said that, this is a not bad program with a standard approach to the topic. The information is technical, complex, not at all prettied up and, thankfully, in no way cute or “entertaining.” Basically, you are given two ways to access information. The first is by navigating through major categories: the five senses, digestion, circulatory system, etc. Selecting one brings up a diagram. Point and click on different places in the diagram or on a file name from a list associated with the diagram. The second is to search alphabetically in the Analytical Index. Related photos, video, audio (which would not work on our computers), and hypertext are available. In the Guided Tour section, the video whips along at warp speed, rendering it essentially useful. There’s an on-screen tutorial – take it – because there’s no Help function and you’ll have trouble recognizing all the icons.

– June 1995


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