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3D Jungle Train December 29, 2008

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Creativity Tools

3D Jungle Train

What’s easy on the eyes, well-designed, and still not terribly much fun – besides Sharon Stone? Try 3D Jungle Train (Davidson & Associates – ages 5 & up). The disc is basically an excuse to show off some fancy 3-D technology under the guise of a creativity tool, so the designers deserve a lot of credit for not resting on their laurels and counting on the 3-D to carry the disc. They’ve included a bunch of search-and-find games, a bushel of animations, and pre-designed train courses along with the option of making your own. The sad truth, however, is that time spent with this program seems more like a task than a pleasure. The non-3-D parts are a mediocre example of an interactive children’s game (after looking at Hansel & Gretel, by Terraglyph, we feel strongly that animations on CD-ROM should be able to overlap without canceling each other out), and the 3-D sections are visually impressive but emotionally hollow. Jungle animals have never looked less cute than they do here, unless they’re in the process of tearing out your throat. Young kids who appreciate the silly animation find the nifty 3-D beyond them, and teens who like the spit and polish of the technology can’t stomach the rest of it.

– March 1996


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