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Inside the SAT December 28, 2008

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College Prep

Inside the SAT

Lucky for you, Inside the SAT (RevieWare) can make this miserable task almost pleasant. Basically, this is a “Hallmark Card” interface – lots of little, friendly cartoon students and teachers running around in cute, friendly cartoon scenes. For most high school students, who already detest studying for even their regular homework much less for a standardized, the interface will put them at ease almost immediately. The main screen is a school hallway with seven doors labeled Intro, Verbal, Math, Tests, Guidance Counselor, General Strategies, and Exit. Every time you open a program or return to the hallway from one of the “rooms”, you’ll see a different scene. It might be a punk in a leather jacket spraying “ETS Sucks” on the wall or, a few scenes later, the same punk in prison duds, wiping it off under the watchful eye of a teacher. Kids on skateboards, kids ordering pizza on their cellular phones, or making goo-goo eyes at each other, add humor to the program, making it a lot more palatable for the user. Beneath all this cute stuff is a very solid program. General Strategies gives valuable insights into how the test is scored, when you should guess, etc. It also points out that the SAT doesn’t measure intelligence or potential college success, only the ability to take tests (did anyone ever tell you that?). Verbal and math contain lots of advice, sample questions, and lessons – at least as much as any review book, if not more. The Test section has four complete tests, and keeps track of your progress over the six weeks you are supposed to work with the program; it even breaks down your scores to the % improvements for each question. Every section is filled with useful information. Studying for the SATs with this multimedia tool has got to be better than the old-fashion way.

– October 1995


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