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Fishes of the Red Sea December 28, 2008

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Undersea World

Fishes of the Red Sea

Fishes of the Red Sea is the third title in the Interactive Journeys into the Marine World series from Sea-D Publishing, and it’s a good one, providing information on the more than 170 species that call the Red Sea home. “Getting Started” gives a clear introduction to the resources included on the disc and how to get around. Click on the Reef button to learn about Mangroves, The Shallow Lagoon, The Drop-Off, The Reef Table, Patch Reefs, and the Open Ocean. The Species Search and Families buttons bring up text, stills, video and audio clips. The text is well-written and instructive, with extensive hyperlinks to the glossary and to other parts of the program. More importantly, the underwater photographs and videos are sharp and clear, which is what you really want in an “interactive field guide”. In the Bits and Pieces section, you’ll find a potpourri of topics like Color & Camouflage, Behavior & Relationships, Fish Anatomy, an area map, and, under Learn to Dive, a short blurb on where you can find Professional Association of Diving instructors. If you need a reference work for this part of the undersea world, this disc is a good choice.

– October 1995


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