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Corel Worldwide Auto Guide December 28, 2008

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Corel Worldwide Auto Guide

The Corel Worldwide Auto Guide (Corel CD Home) is, essentially, a big list of cars (over 3600 models from 1996 are included on the disc); the advantage of putting this onto a CD-ROM begins and ends with the search function. Search by price, model, fuel type, gear ratio, etc., or choose a combination of factors and create a filter. The disc has a nice international flavor to it, covering 132 manufacturers from over 25 countries. The specs can be viewed as US standards (measurements and currency), or modified to English, French, Spanish, German, or Italian. Photos and occasional multimedia flourishes (a windshield wiper icon that clears your selection, for example) complement blocks of text. If you?re in the market for a 1996 car, Worldwide Auto Guide makes it easy to compare and contrast.

– January 1997




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