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Valentine’s Sites December 27, 2008

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Valentine?s Sites

Infomedia Inc. is sponsoring a WorldVillage KIDS Valentines Day page. All sorts of valentine activities are available at http://www.worldvillage.com.

For grownups, there?s Digital Valentine, another InfoMedia offering (www.worldvillage.com/cards/index.html). Choose from a variety of cards, add your own message, and then let InfoMedia play Cupid. They will notify your valentine that there?s a card waiting for them. How romantic.

If you?re not sure what to say, Chadwyck-Healey , the leading publisher of literary databases, can help. http://valentine.chadwyck.com offers One Thousand Valentine Poems on the Internet, culled from four centuries of poetry. The selection is available from Feb. 1st to the 21st and it?s free! Now you?ve got no excuse.

It?s a dream (or nightmare) come true. Visit the Mindscape web site (www.printmaster.com), and click on Find Your Lost Love. Once you find him/her, send them a virtual postcard with appropriate messages like, “Where have you been all these years” or “Have I told you about my husband.” Boy, won?t they be thrilled.

Universal Studios (www.universalstudios.com) has a number of ways to celebrate Valentine Day. Visit the Online Valentine Booth to create a special Valentine web page; email your true love a special message with lines culled from the Ultimate Love Letter, an area that offers a selection of romantic writing, or, for those less creative types, send your honey one of six Universal Valentine cards; enter the Universal Valentine?s Day Sweepstakes; play the Cupid?s Arrow Shockwave game; or send gifts like flowers and chocolates the old-fashioned way through 1-800 FLOWERS and Godiva.

Need a gift that really shows you care? At Name a Star (www.new-kewl.com/name-a-star, you can have a star named after your sweetheart. They?ll get a certificate, a portfolio with the star?s celestial address, a star map, astrology terms, and so on. All this can be yours in English, French, German or Russian.

Don?t have a Valentine? Consider Rendezvous Online Dating (www.vous.com), a free dating service. This could be your year.

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