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Sante December 26, 2008

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Another monster program is Sante (Hopkins Technology). Again, go directly to the manual and read it thoroughly. The tutorial is a must. This title is designed as an all-in-one cookbook, diet analysis, weight control, and exercise planner. You can record your personal information, select guidelines for nutritional and diet analysis, have information displayed in text and graphics, use the included recipes or add your own, search the database for information on 14,600 brand name foods, adjust recipe quantities, ask the experts about nutrition – if you can conceive it, this program can probably do it. This is really a health tool, not a cookbook per se, and it’s a very good one. If you are serious about planning healthy, nutritional meals, keeping track of calories and nutrients, or watching your diet, Sante will help you do all that and more.

– May 1995


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