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Garden Problem Solver December 26, 2008

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How-To Guides

Garden Problem Solver

Garden Problem Solver (Sunset Publishing)focuses on just what the title states – problems and solutions – like why your flowers aren’t blooming, why some plants are dying, how to spend less time watering, and how to make a better mulch. The majority of the disc is text based, while an occasional video gives advice or techniques on gardening. If you’re interested in starting a garden, or would like to know which flowers are the easiest to care for, too bad. You need to have a garden already to get anything out of this program. A year-round calendar with ten climate zones is provided and, depending on the zone you live in, it will tell you which season is right for planting. Before you reach for the pesticides, remember that not all insects are harmful. Find out which ones are (and the best ways to destroy them) in the Rogues Gallery section. Whether your problems are pests, diseases, or weeds, you’ll find the solutions in here. Now you can stop to smell the roses.

– June 1996



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