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Beyond the Limit: Ultimate Climb December 26, 2008

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Beyond the Limit: Ultimate Climb

You’ll spend a lot of time clambering around in clickable rooms, learning about great adventurers, before you actually get to Beyond the Limit: Ultimate Climb (Microsoft Corp. – ages 9 & up). The climbing aspect of this program transforms your computer screen into a 90-degree vertical climb. Select a guide, pack your knapsack, and you’re all set. You and your guide hoof it through desolate wilderness, encountering rock climbing faces along the way. Start off on beginner climbs and work your way up to more advanced challenges. Guide your character up the rock face by clicking on hand holds and placing carabeeners. The program does a poor job of accurately rendering a rock face, and it’s often difficult to tell hand holds from protrusions in the rock, and even more difficult to tell a good hand hold from a totally bomber hand hold. Perhaps rock climbing is just one of those activities that translates poorly to a digital medium. Or perhaps things will improve with the final product – we looked at a beta. This program will, for all its simplified rendering, certainly not improve your climb. At best, Ultimate Climb may introduce you to the fundamentals of climbing.

– October 1996



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