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Residents’ Freak Show, The December 25, 2008

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1995 iN!-Ovation Award

The Residents’ Freak Show

For everyone hungering for a CD-ROM that combines lavish animation with original writing and music but isn’t a game and has nothing to “solve,” sink your teeth into The Residents’ Freak Show (The Voyager Co.). After roaming the fringes of pop music for twenty years, The Residents have pitched their tent in digital media’s garden of earthly delights. An interactive tale of side show wonders, Freak Show is elegantly ugly and elaborately odd. Could this gaudy, macabre fantasy be the Sgt. Pepper’s of the multimedia age? Fans of Freak Show eagerly await two new Residents discs, Gingerbread Man (Ion) and Bad Day On The Midway (Inscape).

– March 1995

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