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Pro Pinball December 25, 2008

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Pro Pinball

Pro Pinball (Interplay) is squarely focused on just one thing: offering a good, solid pinball simulation. There?s only one table (the game is called “The Web”), and there are no multimedia tricks ? the ball always obeys the laws of physics. Maxis tried to offer a similarly faithful pinball sim with Full Tilt! 2, but failed to accurately recreate the game?s play-action; Pro Pinball succeeds spectacularly (if the word spectacular can really be applied to such a humble ambition). Launch the ball, use your flippers, and nudge the table without tilting it, just as you always have in the arcade. Pro Pinball offers a video screen at the top of the table, but it is purposely low-res and cheesy, just the kind of thing you might find attached to a real “modern” pinball game. This certainly isn?t better than actual pinball, but if you?re looking for a computer sim that comes as close to the real thing as possible, look no further; Pro Pinball is the ideal time-killer for you. (Some, of course, will want a computer pinball sim that offers more than a real table ever could ? we humbly direct your attention to 3D Ultra Pinball, from Sierra.)

– January 1997



One Response to “Pro Pinball”

  1. justonemoregame Says:

    Pro Pinball is the best “commercial” pinball simulation on the PC.
    (Commercial as opposed to things like Future Pinball, which are fan-based)

    I got a great ProPinball “deluxe” compilation with 4 games – The Web, Timeshock, Big Race USA & another that escapes my memory.

    Timeshock in particular is quite incredible.

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