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Air Power: The US Air Force In Action December 25, 2008

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Aviation & Space

Air Power: The US Air Force In Action

While most aviation CD-ROMs are forced to acknowledge the role of war in the development of flight, few of them revel in it as much Air Power: The US Air Force In Action (Softkey International). Have no illusions: this is intended for the military aviation buff, not for the weak of heart. Explore the US Air Force’s capacity to kick the hell out of every other air force in the world, and try not to wonder why. Admire Softkey‘s honesty as they demonstrate the best way to infiltrate Soviet airspace (stick to commercial routes, so as not to arouse suspicion). Don’t worry about scrambling for a pencil; detailed maps are included on the disc. The presentation is fairly skillful – Major Charles Horner is on hand to keep the wargames realistic – if not beyond reproach; some of the “3-D models” are not as 3-D as they should be, and some of the (admittedly plentiful) video moves in fits and starts. Navigation also requires some get-up-and-go on the part of the user, but maybe they’re just trying to prepare us for a life in the military. We’re nitpicking, because we suffer from pacifist tendencies – overall there’s a lot of bang for your buck here, with the emphasis on bang.

– January 1996


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