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Take Your Best Shot December 24, 2008

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Personal Management Tools

Take Your Best Shot

After examining your inner child long enough you might need to work off some steam, which is the idea behind Take Your Best Shot (7th Level), an interactive collection of Bill Plympton’s drawings and animations. The disc accurately captures Plympton’s style (corpulent, red-faced businessmen) and sensibility (human flesh stretching in a variety of ways, large objects being jammed into small orifices, etc). Unfortunately, the designers haven’t come up with an original way to assemble these building blocks. The CD-ROM, billed as ‘twisted arcade games for twisted minds’, includes two games that are variations of Pong, one that is a variation of baseball, and one unique Stress Reliever, in which animated Boss and Employee figures pummel each other repeatedly. There are also screen-saver and wallpaper applications. Although the animations are obviously the product of an unhealthy mind and are often amusing, and there’s a truckload of flatulent sound effects just in case you’re missing the point that this stuff is gross. The bulk of the disc is games that have been outdated for over a decade, which quickly become repetitive.

– October 1995


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