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Issac Asimov’s The Ultimate Robot Experience December 24, 2008

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Issac Asimov’s The Ultimate Robot Experience

Issac Asimov makes an appearance in three videos on Issac Asimov’s The Ultimate Robot Experience (Byron Preiss Mutimedia/ Microsoft), but his real contribution is to the text with 28 stories and 16 essays. The title is much improved and enlarged from its original Mac version. Maneuvering through the eight different sections is easier, and hypertext is a welcome addition. There are 46 themed video clips, including robots quoting Shakespeare, robots from the movies, and robots from industry. The essay on the Science of Robotics is commendable but the Robot-maker is expendable, except for young kids. A biography of Asimov and some commentary on the stories would have been nice, but there’s more than enough to keep science fiction addicts and robot lovers of all ages happy and busy. This is one time when “ultimate” may not be a stretch.

– March 1995



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