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David and Goliath December 24, 2008

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David and Goliath

HarperCollins Interactive also handles the Bookie the Bookworm series of talking books. David and Goliath includes four other Bible stories. For the target age group, kids age 3-8, this disc may indeed be a religious experience – they’ll pray for it to end. All the stories are illustrated in what might be best described as a “lame 70’s” style, much like those Saturday morning cartoons that you never used to watch because they looked, well, cheap. And cheap is the operative aesthetic here. Interactivity is limited to clicking at random on pages for “hidden surprises.” You can also color, but don’t try to use the “crayon creator,” because you have to call an 800 number to get a “secret code” to unlock it.

– April 1996



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