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ResumeMaker Deluxe December 22, 2008

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Personal Management Tools

ResumeMaker Deluxe

After failing in your sales career, you’ll need to find yourself a real job. ResumeMaker Deluxe (Individual Software) and Create Your Own Dream Job (Wilson Learning) seek to point you in the right direction, with varying results. ResumeMaker suffers from trying too hard to appear businesslike; it’s crammed full of frills like elevator music and background textures resembling industrial-grade shag carpeting. Surely we could wait until we’ve gotten the job to subject ourselves to such mind-numbing facets of the corporate world. The Winning Edge Workshop section of the disc, which covers interviews, career planning, job hunts, and expert advice, is even worse than the general design scheme, with stiff-as-boards actors moving their lips at a different speed than the audio plays. What really matters, though, is what kind of resume the disc can create. Let’s just say that, in our opinion, the combination of a British Script font and a Bauhaus-inspired modern (with a dash of Helvetica) leaves something to be desired. You’d be better off going to Kinko’s with a copy of What Color Is Your Parachute 1995.

– October 1995


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