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Tales From Long Ago & Far Away December 20, 2008

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Tales From Long Ago & Far Away

Tales From Long Ago & Far Away (Queue – ages 5-9) contains 24 stories from around the world. Africa, Arabia, China, France, England, and Ireland are among the countries represented. You access the tales by clicking on a country or continent on a globe, which brings up the selection from that area. It’s nice to have such a large choice and especially nice to have stories which might be new to young readers. The drawback with this CD-ROM is that it’s not really interactive; turn the pages to hear the story, and answer a few questions in the middle of each story (an attempt to keep you focused). You can print out your own storybooks, posters, and coloring books – always a nice feature -but since the best part of the program is the text, wouldn’t you be happier reading them in print than on your computer screen?

-July 1995


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