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Eugene Delacroix: Le Voyage au Maroc December 20, 2008

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Eugene Delacroix: Le Voyage au Maroc

A prime example of how effectively multimedia can explore a single subject is Eugene Delacroix: Le Voyage au Maroc (The Voyage to Morocco) from Arborescence/Louvre/les films d’ici. This is an elegant, artistic, and concise CD-ROM. With its limited focus, the subject is covered in a scholarly and thorough way. The narration is authoritative, the pictures are glorious, and the bibliography, exhibition lists, and chronology provide student and scholar with real tools. This is a rare opportunity for an in-depth study of the notebooks. Both text and sketches can be enlarged. The computer screen is especially well suited to this kind of close study. This title whets our appetite for more of the same. Imagine Michelangelo’s sketches, Rodin’s notebooks – you get the idea.

– March 1995



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