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Search for Ancient Wisdom, The December 18, 2008

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World Culture

The Search for Ancient Wisdom


Bea and Bob Connelly, a Canadian couple intent on discovering the secrets of the ages, lead your tour in The Search for Ancient Wisdom (Flying Disc Entertainment). Visit Easter Island and the pyramids of Mexico; investigate the mysteries of the Ark of the Covenant and Atlantis. All the New Age topics and theories are discussed without putting a new spin on anything. Along the way you’ll learn a fair amount of pertinent history. The Connellys never suggest that their insights are anything except speculative, but even when they talk in generalities, it can be downright ominous. In fact, the back cover of the title states that this material is considered “too unsettling for private viewing.” That’s a stretch, even for those predisposed to believe in every theory of weird and bizarre phenomena. But, it is entertaining and only occasionally a tad disconcerting. Designed as a virtual book, you can use the table of contents to jump to any chapter or to go through page by page. It’s not very interactive; you browse through sequentially arranged photos, text, and video, but the cool effect of photos morphing into videos is almost a good enough reason for this to be a CD-ROM. And there is plenty of supplemental text and a bibliography. If you’re the type who picks up the phone after the commercial for Time-Life Weird Phenomenon, you’ll want this disc. Even if you aren’t, this is an unusual and fun title.

– June 1995


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