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My Make Believe Castle December 17, 2008

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My Make Believe Castle

My Make Believe Castle (LCSI/Virtual Entertainment – ages 4-7) is highly entertaining. Consisting mainly of clip art-style images, the program lets you manipulate Nicky the Dragon, Tara the Princess, the Court Jester, and a lively cast of characters around each room of a castle. Plant icons across the screen to make the characters dance, spin, grow taller, shrink, jump, run, change direction, or speak as they cross the icon’s path. A special dialogue box allows you to set parameters for two characters to interact with each other (e.g., make Nicky dance each time he encounters the Bad Knight.) There are numerous games, mazes, and puzzles hidden throughout the program, intended to help kids develop critical thinking skills. In one of the more complex problems, for example, you need to figure out how to make Nicky jump on a catapult that will hurtle a watermelon at a bull’s eye, which will cause the Witch to plummet into a well. With so much going on in this castle, young kids will want to visit often.

– December 1996



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