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Infinity City December 16, 2008

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Infinity City

Headbone Interactive’s Gigglebone Gang are an appealing, clever group of creatures that manage to be cute without becoming irritating – that rarest of phenomenon in the realm of children’s CD-ROMs. They are cute because they don’t try very hard to be cute; they stammer, lie by omission, and compliment themselves frequently. They also compliment children profusely, and they each have well-defined characteristics that really make kids feel an affinity. In Infinity City (ages 4-8) Svelte Velma, Bunji, and Monkie-Sue plus newcomers soulful song-meister Zack the Cabbie and Chester the Raccoon take you on a tour of math-related subjects, including numbers, relative shapes and sizes, and time. There are a ton of activities on this disc – each of the five characters offers an activity for each of ten “addresses.” You’ll watch movies, play games, build things, match items, and do a lot of counting. Unlike the Elroy series from Headbone, which is a little too clever for its own good (one sometimes feels that one’s participation in an Elroy program is purely incidental), Infinity City strikes a good balance between showing off its own cleverness and letting the player take control. Occasionally an activity will involve more passive watching than active choice-making, but during most games the child is actively involved, so the passive viewing segments can be seen as rewards. Also, they’re certainly clever; adults will be as amused as their kids with this one. We don’t hesitate to recommend Infinity City as one of the best blends of fun and education in a children’s CD-ROM.

– August 1996, Kid’s Education


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