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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland December 15, 2008

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Imagination Classics – ages 8 & up) is an interactive storybook that could stand to be a bit more interactive. It’s hard to criticize this disc too harshly, because the source material is terribly strong. Not only is the text faithful to Lewis Carroll’s book, but the graphics are based on John Tenniel’s delightful illustrations. The voices that perform the story are extremely well-done, and succeed in capturing the nuances and humor of the writing. If you’re looking for a good book to be read to your child, but don’t have the time to do the reading yourself, this might be just what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something more, you’ll likely find yourself disappointed. There isn’t much to see besides what’s presented to you at the start of each page – clicking-and-pointing doesn’t result in a whole lot of action, and the same backgrounds are used for multiple pages of text. The occasional effort to animate Tenniel’s illustrations are not hugely successful. Extras are confined to the inclusion of four simple games. As an electronic version of the book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a very nice job, but a bit more effort in the interactive department would give parents a good reason to buy this over the old-fashion print version.

– December 1995


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