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Nine Month Miracle December 14, 2008

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Health & Anatomy

Nine Month Miracle

Parents or parents-to-be might want to check out Nine Month Miracle (A.D.A.M. Software). The disc is divided into three sections: Family Album, Exploring Anatomy, and A Child’s View of Pregnancy. The Anatomy section, which uses the same excellent interface as A.D.A.M.: The Inside Story, is comprehensive and fun. Use a scroll bar at screen right to slowly peel away layers of skin, fat, and muscle. Or use the directory to zoom in on a topic of your choice. And it’s P.C.: choose the sex, race, and modesty level of your anatomical model. The Family Album is less fulfilling. Mr. and Mrs. Average (called Adam and Eve here) have a baby. Along the way you get health tips, unfunny jokes, and videos pertaining to the various stages of pregnancy. It’s educational, but it’s also coy. A few examples: conception occurs when “two people fall in love and decide to have a baby,” and an animation of a man and woman preparing to conceive has them turning into murky silhouettes while the area of their genitalia glows hot pink. Even considering that this program is partially directed at kids, since they provide video of a normal delivery (all camera angles included) as well as a cesarean, they might as well not pull punches on conception. A Child’s View of Pregnancy is basically an after-school special with games thrown in. Despite the euphemisms and slightly prudish slant in some parts, this disc contains a good deal of useful information (the anatomy section alone makes it worthwhile) for parents and siblings-to-be.

– June 1995


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