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Individualist, The December 14, 2008

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The Individualist

Todd Rundgren talks a good multimedia game. His (admittedly flawed) 1993 release No World Order, which allowed you to remix the music through a rather user-unfriendly interface, found him among the first musicians to go fully “enhanced.” He has since become a vocal spokesman for the technology, entertaining chats among followers on Compuserve and the Internet. The first obstacle to his latest venture, The Individualist (Ion/Digital Entertainment), is the mundane musical content:10 tracks of ersatz MIDI hip-hop, techno, and pop that seem already prepped for use in the nearest elevator as Muzak. Beyond this, there’s a reasonable if not astounding level of multimedia added-value when you play the disc in your computer. An interactive lyrics menu lets you follow the words as you navigate from one song to the next – clicking on a line of lyrics cues the CD to play the song from that point on. Another module launches imaginative, computer-generated videos for each song, certainly eons beyond the childish equivalent offered on The Rolling Stones’ Voodoo Lounge CD-ROM. The video for one number, “Cast The First Stone,” becomes a game in which you throw rocks at images of right-wing zealots. A third module that allows you to play “video switcher” between three camera angles during a live Rundgren performance can only be described as terminally boring. The Individualist certainly tops No World Order, but no amount of multimedia dressing can compensate for lame music.

-May 1996


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