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Get Up Close December 14, 2008

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Science & Nature

Get Up Close

Get Up Close (Schoolhouse Interactive – ages 6-12) is a science education title that aims to introduce kids to concepts of size, time, and distance while tossing in related information as examples. We’d love to recommend this title, because it tackles important concepts in a novel way. But the problem is that the content is hit-and-miss. Some sections, like an image gallery that allows you to zero in on elements of everyday life, are a hit. For example, a picture of a lunch tray lets you zoom in on the lunar-like surface of a chocolate-chip cookie; on the fungus on an orange, or on a fly on a milk carton. Zoom even closer on the fly’s head, and finally zoom in on a scanning electron microscope image of its compound eye. But other sections of the disc have no actual examples, using instead low-budget cartoons to try and explain concepts like atoms, molecules, and elements definite misses. Another hit is the inclusion of experiments to try at home. But the glossary of further sources of information is a pathetic miss, offering useless tidbits like a list of science shows on TV with no other explanation. The good sections are very good while the bad sections are, well, just boring. If your child enjoys science and seeing things close-up, it might be worth a shot.

– September 1996

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