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Kid Works Deluxe December 13, 2008

Kid Works Deluxe

A much better product from Davidson is Kid Works Deluxe (ages 4-9), a storybook-making program with a definite slant towards very little kids. Assembling multimedia couldn’t be simpler. When you start each page of your storybook, you choose whether it will be text or artwork. If it’s text, just start typing, then tell the computer which words you want turned into pictures so your story reads rebus-style. If it’s art, you have an arsenal of tools at your fingertips – but it’s simple and intuitive, and five minutes of practice will make you a master. Choose pre-designed backgrounds, select stickers that animate automatically, or draw whatever comes to mind. Add pre-recorded sound effects or music, or record your own. The program will read your storybook back to you (the quality of the reading depends on the voice synthesizer in your computer), and you might be surprised to see just how comprehensive a multimedia project you’ve created. The different elements of the program, especially the animated stickers and the music, work in harmony to give even a half-hearted storybook considerable finesse. Little kids will have hours upon hours of creative fun with Kid Works Deluxe.

-March 1996, Creativity Tools


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