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Bar-Min-Ski Consumer Product December 13, 2008

Bar-Min-Ski Consumer Product

When we reviewed Bar-Min-Ski Consumer Product (De-luxo Consumer Productions) back in Vol. I, No. 3, we reported that the PC version would be available the following month. It took a little longer than that, but now Bar-Min-Ski is finally here and, for the discerning PC user, the title is well worth the wait. Bill Barminski creates paintings, comic strips, music, and general mischief with a brand of liberal humor that has more bite than Michael Moore’s and more fractured logic than a David Byrne song. The main target here is commercialism, best captured in a game that invites the user to design hilarious fictional ad campaigns for realistic products. Mr. Barminski’s scope, however, is not limited to capitalism. Adolf Hitler is the star of a comic-book that casts him as a Wild West Sheriff (Tex Hitler, a product of Barminski’s college days), and the frat boys of Texas State receive a long, multimedia drubbing in the “Tex-Ass” chapter. This is all in addition to the gallery of paintings, scattered interviews, and sound loops of Barminski’s many songs. Barminski served as art director for the disc and, as we reported in our earlier review, it has become more than simply an exhibition of his work; it serves as a work of art on its own. We can hardly wait for the next De-Luxo project: Encyclopedia of Clamps.

– November 1995, Art


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